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Free delivery across Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Italian Cuisine
Directly From Italy

Authentic pasta and risottos dishes made in Italy and ready to eat in 10 minutes.

The inspiration? To bring true Italian flavour to Canada. This is Italian eating.

Our Products

Pasta Padella products are made directly in Italy with ingredients that are traditionally grown in the Mediterranean climate. Fresh pasta pre-cooked and flash frozen through Individual Quick Freezing (IQF*),

Pasta Padella maintains that original taste and flavour that people travel across the world to experience. Open the package, throw the pasta in the pan and you have a delicious meal ready in 10 minutes.


*IQF is a freezing method used in the food processing industry that is free of preservatives, maintaining the original taste of the food.

Image by Jorge Zapata


Pasta Padella is now exclusively online on shipping across Canada!

For a full (growing) list of locations of where you can find our pasta, click on the link below.



As a family, putting the wellbeing of the planet at the forefront of our decisions is a quality we value greatly. This is why we made sure that our shipping boxes are both great for frozen foods and for the planet.

Our frozen food shipping boxes are 100% recyclable in the paper bin.



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