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Directly From Italy to Your Plate

Authentic pasta and risottos made directly in Italy. The inspiration? To bring true Italian flavour to North America 

starting in Vancouver, Canada.

This is Italian eating.

Our Products

Pasta Padella products are made directly in Italy with ingredients that are traditionally cultivated in the Mediterranean climate. Pre-cooked at 30% then frozen through Individual Quick Freezing (IQF*),

Pasta Padella maintains that original taste and flavour that people travel across the world to experience. Open the package, throw the pasta in the pan and you have a delicious meal ready in 10-15 minutes.


*IQF is a freezing method used in the food processing industry that is free of preservatives, maintaining the original taste of the food after defrost.



Learn more about our family and the inspiration behind Pasta Padella. We've also included details of how Pasta Padella products are easily prepared.



You can find Pasta Padella products at various Italian and European deli stores across Vancouver. For a full (growing) list click on the link below.

Photo on the right by @sarah.louise.ware